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Sir Michael Sobell Oncology Day Care Center, this facility was originally completed in 1997 was further renovated and expanded in 2006 providing chemotherapy, immunotherapy, new biological therapies and supportive care to more than 10,000 patients with nearly all forms of cancer. The way the center is set up allows for patients to be admitted for a day of treatment without having to stay overnight. Many of the patients come to the center from all over the country, not just from Jerusalem, patients are willing to travel because they prefer to have their treatment at the Sobell Center.
Before the expansion and renovation of the Sobell Center doctors, nurses and organizational consultants met to develop the best possible plan for the center. They reccommeded dividing it into four parts, dealing with different types of cancer and using colours to divide the different treatment areas and programmes. This way patients and relatives are able to find their way easily through the center . Each section has its own waiting and consulting room for families and patients. The expansion allowed for an additional 11 beds to be added thereby increasing the number of patients that can be treated daily, Waiting rooms were also made larger, comfortable furnishings added, along with a pleasant dining room. Flat screen televisions were added throughout the center, to distract and entertain patients during their long and sometimes difficult treatment cycles.
On June 2nd 2008 representatives of the Sobell Foundation were in Jerusalem for the dedication of the Sobell Oncology Center at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

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