Old City-Muslim Quarter, Ibn Jarah st.

About the project

The “Adopt a Neighborhood” project is focused upon strengthening and empowering residents within their own community. The Abna el Quds Community Center in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City is now one of several community centers to embrace this project. The expansion of the computer center with the assistence of the “Machshava Tova” organization opened up computer courses for residents of all ages and levels. There’s a secretarial course for young women, a graphics course that covers basic advertising design, and a inter-generational program for grandparents and their grandchildren using the computers to tell generational stories. The “Internet Open House”, is open to all, and encourages everyone to come and use the computers, for school, to look for work or just for fun. “The Independant Skills Program” is about educating women on subjects like women’s health, childhood development, pyschology, first aid, leadership and management skills, promoting confidence and a strong sense of self. The “Enterprenurial Workshops,” offer options and possibilities for women to improve their own lives and the lives of their families, opening doors to a brighter future. For the community in general a group of volunteers of all ages banded together to develop a community garden, learning about the suitabilty of each plant, and what it needs to thrive, carefully choosing the plants they want to see in the garden, the end result not only gives a sense of achievement, but is beneficial for the community as a whole.

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