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The Suachra Garbiya Preparatory School for Girls was established in 1954 with four elementary school classes. The school grew over the years and in 1976 added a junior high school. In 1986, a new school building was built, which as of 2007, served approximately 1,600 girls from the Arab villages of Jabel Mukaber and Suachra Garbiya. It prides itself on a modern, holistic, educational approach. Over the years, its students have participated in various Jewish-Arab coexistence projects, including the Jerusalem Foundation’s Joint Jewish & Arab School Program that paired the school with the TALI Elementary School – Ramat Moriyah. The Jerusalem Foundation supported renovation of a science laboratory in the junior high school in 1996, including equipment for experiments, television, video, slide projector and screen, human body models and scientific literature. The project was one of seven science labs equipped in Arab schools (five of them all-girls schools) by the Foundation in 1996-97.

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