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The Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies is an international ecumenical institute for theological research and pastoral studies. The institute was opened in 1971 on a hill (tantur is Arabic for hilltop) near the Gilo neighborhood that was purchased by the Vatican and leased to the University of Notre Dame (USA).The institute is committed to Christian unity, interfaith relations (especially among Christians, Jews and Muslims,) and the search for world peace and justice through theological study and the exploration of human rights and conflict resolution. More than 3,500 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Roman Catholic clergy, scholars and lay leaders from around the world have participated in the institute’s programs.The Jerusalem Foundation has supported various events at the institute, including seminars of the Hope Center for Peace & Interfaith Understanding and Voices from the Hilltop of Tantur: A Meeting of Middle Eastern Writers and Filmmakers held in conjunction with the Jerusalem International Book Fair in 2007.

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