Hanevi'im Street, 9 Harav Kook st.

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The Ticho House is the former home of Israeli painter Anna Ticho (1894 -1980) and her opthamologist husband, Dr. Avraham Ticho.The house is operated by the Israel Museum and is open to the public as a museum exhibiting Ticho’s drawings and paintings of the Jerusalem landscape and displaying the house itself, a period piece of early 20th century Jerusalem life. The museum offers musical performances, a garden restaurant, storytelling theater, poetry readings and other special events. In 1984, the Jerusalem Foundation created a garden amongst the grass and pine trees in the large area in front of the house. The garden included paved seating areas and footpaths designed to be inobtrusive to the serene natural setting the house and garden provide in the middle of the city. The garden was renovated in 2007.

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