Hinnom Valley, Hebron st.

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The Wolfson Garden is a 15-acre park located within the Hinnom Valley, west of Mount Zion. The park, designed by Nehemia Gorali, reclaimed a major portion of the valley which had stood in no-man’s land between 1948-1967 by providing lawns, walking paths and landscaping for public enjoyment. Planning for the park, complicated by land acquisition and historic preservation issues, began in 1968; the first tree-planting ceremony was held in 1970 with Prime Minister Golda Meir in attendance, and the official dedication was held in 1975 with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in attendance. The Louis & Tillie Alpert Youth Music Center of Jerusalem was created in the park in _____ and the Jerusalem Film Center was established overlooking the park from the west in 1981. In 2002, the upper section of the park adjacent to the Israel Film Center was renovated, creating a terraced area for public events, including those of the Jerusalem International Film Festival.

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