About the project

The “Women Cooking up a Business” program began in 2004 and is jointly run by “Women’s Voice” (Kol HaIsha) and “My Sister” (Achoti), both organization’s are dedicated to empowering women. Cooking up a Business presents a opportunity for women from disadvantaged neighborhoods, who may lack a formal education and or job skills, but who are talented, knowledgeable and motivated when it comes to cooking, by encouraging and building on these talents this program has given a number of women the opportunity to launch their own catering businesses. The program consists of two steps, the first step begins with self empowerment workshops, cooking seminars and professional consultations. The second step is gaining experience in the various branches of the food sevices, whether it be catering, or producing jams jellies and pickles to sell at local fairs. To further this project in 2006 a professional kitchen was aquired at the Elwyn Rehabilitation Center in Kiryat Hayovel. Participants of this program eventually leave the protected framwork of the kitchen to develop their own business, allowing more women graduates of the first stage of the program to continue and realize their dream.

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