Yafe Nof, 124 Herzl st.

About the project

Yad Sarah is Israel’s largest and one of its most highly regarded volunteer organizations. The organization, established in 1976, offers services to the sick and elderly through more than 100 branches throughout the country, including loan of medicial and rehabilitative equipment, operation of a computerized medical alarm system, transportation, home visits and more. The Jerusalem Foundation has supported the organization’s alarm call system and purchase of a van. It also supported creation of the Baruch Mordechai Senior Club, a recreational club for seniors who are brought from their homes to Yad Sarah’s facilities, and the Bnai Brith Leo Baeck (London) Men’s Lodge at the Yad Sarah House, the organization’s national headquarters, which was completed in 1997 and consolidated the organization’s administrative and service departments that previously were scattered throughout Jerusalem.

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