A Studio of Her Own is a platform for promoting religious women artists. Opened in 2009, the Studio provides a physical and mental space for creation, as well as programs tailored to meet the needs of participating artists. It also presents exhibitions of contemporary women’s art – with special support for religious women who are not always able to find a community for artistic expression.


The Studio, housed in painter Pinhas Litwinowsky’s former home and atelier, was recently renovated to include a gallery for exhibitions, a library and research center and a coffee shop. With more space available, a tailored residency program for women artists has been launched and the Studio now hosts a variety of cultural events featuring performing arts, film, literature poetry and music.



Due to the coronavirus crisis, they have opened up their gallery space to host women artists who cannot work at home or find a place for their creativity under the unique pressures of the pandemic.  A Studio of Her Own has become a home for these women artists and provides support and encouragement during this difficult time. They have opened up this community to performance artists and musicians and expanded the world of art together. The women have found new collaborative partners and are creating special exhibitions of work that have grown out of this unique time and experience.