Children and youth at risk and those with special needs who have been most deeply affected by this crisis, from group homes and women’s shelters, impoverished neighborhoods and some still in dangerous and unstable home situations have had to confront even more difficulties than usual.  Due to the economic crisis, these children and youth will continue to face serious challenges and will not have the same opportunities to flourish as others.  The Jerusalem Foundation wishes to provide these young people with the chance to breathe, grow, learn, develop and enjoy all that the city has to offer.


The city of Jerusalem contains a richness of cultural and educational institutions unparalleled in Israel and the rest of the world.  Many of these institutions have been shut down during the crisis and are now trying to find their way back to a new “normal”.



Triple Impact brings together children and youth at risk from shelters and therapeutic agencies to visit cultural/communal sites otherwise not available to them at this time and using transportation services subsidized by the Municipality.  This program can also help support Jerusalem institutions suffering from lack of tourism and from diminished local traffic.  The program is ongoing and currently active at Ein Yael Living Museum and the Bloomfield Science Museum.