Dear Friends,

The State of Israel is at war.

We know that you are all following the events in Israel with grave concern – many of you have sent messages and we want you to know that we appreciate all of your words of support during this most difficult time.

These are the most difficult of days and it is hard to find words to express our shared pain, despair and anger.  We share our condolences with the bereaved families and we know that dark days are still ahead.

Many of us have sons, daughters, friends and family, who are either serving now or have been called up for reserve duty or are in the southern communities, missing or in trouble.  We are heartbroken over the losses, the hostages and over what will still happen in the coming days.

Israel is at one of the most difficult crossroads in our history and facing a deep crisis but as you know, the people of Israel are strong and know how to unite in times of struggle.  The power and resilience of the people of this country is inspiring and even during this difficult time, we can already see the initiatives of civil society in Jerusalem making a difference.  The city is opening its homes to the refugees from the south and the north and doing all we can to host them and provide some safety and comfort.   We are checking on our most vulnerable populations who are anxious and alone and community centers and community organizations are coordinating volunteers to support the bereaved families and to search for those missing, to give blood, to collect clothes and food for those displaced and so much more.

In light of the situation, we focus our attention on immediate needs of those coming to the city for refuge, we support the initiatives of our community leaders and take care of those most vulnerable in the city.

Thank you for your thoughts and support.

We will share more information and updates when we can.

With my hope for better days.

נגישות אתר