Repha'im Valley, Shulov st.

About the project

Dedicated on the 24th June 1999 in the presence the donor Bernard and Audre Rapoport, The Abby and Emily Rapoport Ark Information Center is built of wood, making it a very authentic looking Ark. It stands out from the hillside, and overlooks “The Biblelands Enclousure”. Surrounded by a well groomed lawn, flower beds, shady trees and benches. It’s a welcome sight, after the Biblelands trail, and offers a place to rest and refresh ones self before continuing around the zoo.
Inside children can always be found working in small groups on the computers which offer “virtual” tours of the animal kingdom, a virtual tour of the zoo, and all of the animals mentioned in the bible. There is also a film, shown periodically throughout the day, with “Noah and his Ark” teaching children about the many kinds of animals and their habits.

The Rapoport Ark also serves as an art gallery where artists are invited to exhibit their work on the theme of flora and fauna, equally, children’s artistic endevours can also be seen adorning the walls of the Ark.

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