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Beit Bruri’a is a transitional home for young children who have been removed from their homes and biological parents due to abuse or neglect. The home formerly was operated by the Home for Every Child Association and later was placed under the auspices of the Women’s International Zionist Organization’s (WIZO). It is located in Gilo Gimel (Kiryat Jack D. Weiler). The home provides around-the-clock care, psychological care, occupational therapy, and more through counselors and a house mother to help develop the children’s emotional strength and to facilitate positive transitions back into their homes or adoptive families. The Jerusalem Foundation has supported cultural outings, arts and crafts activities and individual tutoring since 1989. It supported purchase of the building and building renovations and rededicated the facility as Beit Sherman in 1997. Since then, it has supported additional renovations and activities, including a summer camp program.

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