German Colony, 12 Emek Refa'im st.

About the project

Beit Yehudit, formally known as the International Cultural Center for Youth (ICCY). The center has always catered to the needs of the community, providing quality and affordable cultural programs but after the ICCY joined the Israel Association of Community Centers it greatly expanded and broadened its activities for this growing and vibrant community.
Renovations to the building included the rewiring of the electrical system, attention to the plumbing and the installation of new bathrooms, as well as the widening of the doorways, and the addition of ramps. A brand new elevator was added to make it easier to get to the upper floors, which, no doubt is a great relief to the seniors, and ensures everyone easy access to all parts of the building. For the exterior, the community gardens and courtyards around the building were also landscaped and replanted, and on one of the patio’s there is a giant chess board.
The newly renovated building was dedicated on the 13th November 2008 with both donor and public participation.
Beit Yehudit now boasts the largest “Chess Club” and “Time Bank” in Jerusalem. There is a staggering range of adult workshops and courses to be had, from fitness and health to learning Arabic or Spanish, art classes and practicle carpentry. For youth and children, martial arts are always popular at almost any age, but there is also aircraft modeling, ballet classes, cooking more carpentry, and ceramics. The community really comes together though, when sharing the activities of the community gardens, joining the “Ecology Club”, or just listening to a concert on the patio with friends .

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