Ein Kerem, 5 MadrIgot Habikur st.

About the project

The Daniella Passal House Multi-Disciplinary Arts Incubator is situated in the picturesque neighborhood of Ein Kerem. The house was bequeathed to to Jerusalem Foundation in 2005 by the late Artist Daniella Passal. Ein Kerem provides an ideal location for an artist incubator as many artists are drawn to and inspired by the neighborhoods natural and historic beauty. After extensive renovations to the house, garden and studio, the Multi-Disciplinary Arts Incubator opened in January 2009.
The Daniella Passal House is a central location for artist encounters, the diversity of workshops available according to materials favored by the artists. Workshops in plastic, wood or metal, as well as workshops in video, film, sound and electronics.
The center is comprised of both common and individual work spaces with access to advanced equipment. The goal to establish a framework for artists coming from the various media possibilities like architects, designers, researchers, curators and the like, sharing knowledge, dialogue, and technological innovation.
The Jerusalem foundation teamed up with Sala Manca Group, a group of Jerusalem based artists, to develop a program that will help all artists whatever their preferred artistic field.
The “Artists in Studio” program, “Mamuta”, is devoted to artists working in different fields who have the opportunity to develop their own personal projects, and who are willing to share facilities for at least six months, creating possibilities for both personal and collective growth.
The public is invited to view the various exhibitions at the center, and there are also “interactive art” programs which allow the public to physically participate.

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