San Simon, Opposite 22 Agnon st.

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The Zarem Garden is a park that includes footpaths through planted, terraced slopes interposed by old pine trees. It was designed by landscape architect Shlomo Gat togther with the adjacent Koret Park and along with the Betty T. & Herbert H. Schiff Garden, forms a cluster of three Jerusalem Foundation-created parks in the San Simon neighborhood. The garden features Acqueduct, a tree-timber and steel sculpture created by Jerusalem-born sculptor and video artist Buky Schwartz in 1977. The sculpture exemplifies a main theme of Schwartz’s work: illusion and reality. He describes this piece as “five wood trunks of three meters height and about 50 centimeters diameter located on the ground at equal distances. A steel bar penetrates and cuts them diagonally. As a result of the slope formed, the logs above the steel bar cascade in the direction of the slope and gather in high density at its foot.”

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