Creative Culture

A Studio of Her Own is a platform for promoting young religious women artists. It empowers Jewish religious women to pursue a career in the arts despite community pressure and external prejudice. Opened in 2009, the Studio provides a physical and mental space for creation, as well as programs tailored to meet the needs of participating artists. A Studio of Her Own encourages multicultural discourse in contemporary art, boosting creative culture in Jerusalem for a vibrant and open city in the decade leading to 2030 and beyond.



A Studio of Her Own offers young religious women artists, all of whom have a degree in art, a mentoring program for professional advancement, contact with curators and important artists, and increased exposure through public exhibitions. The Studio also offers a course in business development to assist them in learning to manage their personal studios and to make a living from their work. The Studio, housed in painter Pinhas Litwinowsky’s former home and atelier, was recently renovated to include a gallery for exhibitions, a library and research center and a coffee shop. With more space available, a tailored residency program for women artists has been launched and the Studio now hosts a variety of cultural events featuring performing arts, film, literature poetry and music.


 Impact: Studio of Her Own has received national recognition for its many years of work and activity. Today 40 women artists are active members of the Studio and hundreds of artists have participated in the business course. Studio of Her Own does not only allow Jewish religious women to make a living from art, but it also makes art more accessible to communities that are generally not exposed to it.


Partners: Jerusalem Municipality, Leichtag Foundation



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