SAHI-The Youth Hessed Patrol- has begun a program of a meaningful gap year for high school graduates. SAHI brings youth from Israel’s periphery together to be change makers in their communities. Now, after several years of work, and with the support and guidance of The Jerusalem Foundation these young people have the chance to take a gap year after high school devoted to giving back to their communities, and learning leadership and other life skills.


The participants in the program are agents of change, working in all the neighborhoods of Jerusalem to put on community and educational activities for all ages. These young people are full partners in every aspect of the program, they take much of the responsibilities of planning and organizing on themselves as they work with all the diverse populations of Jerusalem.


In a meeting with the mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, participants discussed their activities in the many special places across Jerusalem, as well as their welcome into neighborhoods all over the city.


President of The Jerusalem Foundation, Shai Doron: “We are very proud to support these young people, who have decided to delay their draft to the IDF one year in order to give back to the community and to live within the program and from it receive the tools to guide their way to leadership. This enterprise is a part of the vision of The Jerusalem Foundation and is building the future leadership of the city.”


Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: “This gap year is a year in which they are both giving and receiving, it is the beginning of leadership, which we are not always privileged to receive, but if you believe in what you are doing, it will be your reward. Not everyone one is able to be a leader and to take charge of other people, but you will be able to be leaders. It will come with time, and it is very important to give that time to yourselves. I look forward to seeing this special and unique community. I wish you all much success”.



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