At our 2024 Seminar – Future Leadership in Jerusalem, we were so pleased to bring more than 20 of our friends from Canada to Jerusalem during this difficult and uncertain time, showing them through the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the efforts responding to the many needs of residents of Jerusalem today and in the future.


We were especially pleased to offer our Canadian contingent an extra day to experience Jerusalem, discovering some of the projects the Canadian community has been vital in supporting and creating.


We started the week, opposite the Knesset building, on an exclusive tour in the new 495,000 square foot building with six floors above ground and five below. From the outside, the National Library of Israel resembles a trapezoid with the corners raised like a canopy; from the inside, there are graceful curves and natural light abound. The stunning new facility opened October 29, 2023, and houses over four million books, including fragile collections, which require careful preservation, and digital collections – all offering a fascinating portal into the rich tapestry of Jewish, Israeli and Middle Eastern cultures.



Starting the next morning, the Canadian delegation, donors and friends attended the dedication of Julia’s Lane, honouring the life and service of Julia Koschitzky z’l. Afterwards, we walked along the Canada Pathway where support for the Canada Community and Culture Fund is recognized. From Shivtei Yisrael Street to Ein Chet below to the Naggar Musrara School of Art and Society on the new Ronnen Harary Campus. A local resident made an impromptu speech expressing his appreciation for the Foundation’s positive contributions to his neighborhood.



Our tour ended at Canada House, a social and cultural gathering place for elderly and youth on the IFCJ of Canada Community Floor. We visited the Koschitzky Young Adult Center and also viewed the exhibition of work from Naggar School of Art and Society Students.



At the end of the tours focused on the Canadian projects, the delegation joined the official opening of the Jerusalem Foundation Seminar at the Jerusalem Music Center in Mishkenot Sha’ananim. You can read all about the full Seminar here.

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