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Jerusalem Foundation Appoints New Executive Director in USA

Joseph Nadis brings more than nine years of experience in fundraising and will lead the Foundation’s U.S. operations

NEW YORK, November 23, 2017:  The Jerusalem Foundation announced that Joseph Nadis has been appointed the Executive Director of its United States operation. Established more than 50 years ago and headquartered in Jerusalem, the Foundation’s offices worldwide has raised more than one billion dollars to improve the quality of life for all Jerusalem residents, and more than 4000 projects in Jerusalem bear its name.

“We are thrilled to have Joe join the Foundation’s family,” said Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Board of the Jerusalem Foundation, Inc.  in the USA. “Jerusalem is very important to us and our search process was thorough so that we could bring the best talent  and continue our longstanding commitment to the city.”

The Jerusalem Foundation worldwide has raised billions of dollars on behalf of Jerusalem and the appointment of Mr. Nadis is expected to increase the Foundation’s United States’ allocations to Jerusalem. Mr. Nadis, who resides in New York, has held various senior positions at AIPAC, among them the Director of the Real Estate Division, the Boston Area Director, and New York’s Young Leadership

Director. He comes with significant  fundraising experience and demonstrated ability to widen circles of support for many causes.

“The Jerusalem Foundation’s operation in the United States would not have been possible  without the tireless commitment of Moshe Fogel,” said Hassenfeld of the outgoing Executive Director.

“Moshe has been instrumental in maintaining longstanding relationships with our donors, and our Board, and his indefatigable determination brought some of Jerusalem’s most well known landmarks to fruition, among them Teddy Park in Mitchell Parks and Gardens, the Wadi Joz Youth Center, and continued support for the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Tower of David, the Cinematheque and countless more.  I speak for the entire Board of Directors when I say Moshe will be missed.”

“I am convinced  that Joe’s experience at AIPAC and his personal talent  will take the Jerusalem Foundation to new heights  and will increase our capacity to do even more for Jerusalem, a city we hold so dear,” said Yohanna Arbib-Perugia. “I am grateful for Moshe Fogel’s many years of experience and dedication to Jerusalem and the

Foundation, he is an asset to any organization and I wish him a successful  return home to Israel, where I hope we will continue to benefit from his experience.”

“I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to continue building the half-century legacy of Teddy Kollek and the Jerusalem Foundation,” said Mr. Nadis. “I look forward to working with Alan Hassenfeld, all of the members of the Jerusalem Foundation Inc. Board of Directors, Foundation President Yohanna Arbib-Perugia, International Chairman Sallai Meridor, and Jerusalem’s municipal and national authorities. I am excited by our prospects as we continue to realize the Foundation’s vision of a flourishing, vibrant and unified Jerusalem that inspires all its people and the world.”


For more information contact:

Liat Rosner, Spokesperson, LiatR@jfjlm.org

Jerusalem Foundation website: www.jerusalemfoundation.org

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