A Joint initiative of Mandel Foundation Israel & the Jerusalem Foundation

Creating a Series of Extraordinary Large Art & Culture Events

Conducted over two months, free of charge throughout the city

Events at Cultural Institutes & Community Centers in 34 Jerusalem Neighborhoods from August 8 through September 29

Two Foundations’ Fruitful Partnership Celebrates Jerusalem’s Beauty & Traditions with Jerusalem Residents in All their Languages


SidraTarbut (CulturEvents) is the joint initiative of the Jerusalem Foundation and Mandel Foundation Israel, provided with love for the second consecutive year to Jerusalem and its residents. In one of the city’s largest-scope events, celebrations include and serve 34 neighborhoods through the breadth and width of Jerusalem.



Artistic Management: Ronen Itzhaki & Ruth Diskin


Resident and lovers of Jerusalem are invited to a variety of cultural events, free of charge, under the Jerusalem stars in their neighborhood courtyards, the city’s familiar cultural and institutions and community centers: music, dance, film, theater, workshops and lectures. The events aim to strengthen the cultural life of city residents by providing a stage for wide public exposure to Jerusalem artists and performers. All events were selected and adapted for neighborhood residents, accounting for each community’s special character and population size.


The opening performance of SidraTarbut, Longing for Farid, a special version of the work ” The Rite of Spring of Farid El-Atrache” by artist Orly Portal, combining live music and dance. The Egyptian classic, which has never lost its power and beauty, receives a new look and refreshing interpretation through movement and theater, connecting to Western traditions and ideas not rooted in any one place; an event in two parts that is all about elevation, (Tarab טראב طرب), half live music and have unique dance pieces.


Among the wide variety of SidraTarbut performances and art and culture events: International Israeli Ladino singer Yasmin Levy in an intimate, glorious performance to be conducted at the Worldwide North Africa Jewish Heritage Center; a one-time event combining a performance of the Arenas of the singer/artist Neta Elkayam with researcher Dr. David Guedj and artist/curator Ilana Selma Urther in opening the Arenas performance doors and the historic Arenas camp: conversation, testimonies and video screenings from the transit camp which was the inspiration for the performance and the latest stop for a millennial-old culture. These events will be conducted at the Yellow Submarine Music Club.


The musical theater performance Are You Related?, an original SidraTarbut production, is an exposed, moving performance by GLGLZ Israel radio station broadcaster Livnat Ben Hamou, Rachel Keshet and Orian Shukrun. The premier performance will take place at the Uri Zvi Greenberg Heritage Center on September 15. Also participating in SidraTarbut are Shuli Rand, the Beit Hagat Ensemble, the Madrasa, the Ben Hinnom Valley Choir, the Ecoute Ensemble, Las Piratas Piratas and many more.


The closing event of SidraTarbut will be a Tahrir-Style Slichot in the magical Tower of David at sunset; As the sun sets on one of the first days of the Jewish year, men and women, religious, secular and traditional will gather at the Tower of David for an evening combining a gathering and a unique and exciting musical experience together with a wonderful group of male and female musicians formed especially for the Slichot events inspired by Slichot liturgical poetry from diverse traditions, East and the West, excerpts from the Jewish High Holidays prayers, combined with original work and contemporary Israeli soul music.


Mandel Foundation Israel began operations in 1991. The Ministry of Education at the time turned to Morton Mandel and posed a challenge: To train high quality professionals to take on key Education Ministry positions. Thus, the Mandel Leadership Institute was established in Jerusalem. Over the 25 years since, the Mandel Foundation has, through the distinguished, intense Mandel Leadership Institute program and other programs, grown a generation of leaders in the fields of education and non-profit organizations.


The Jerusalem Foundation was established in 1966 by the legendary mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek. The founders’ goal was to strive to improve the wellbeing of Jerusalem residents of all backgrounds and sectors while strengthening the city’s unique social fabric and neighborly relations among the diverse communities.


For the full program visit www.sidratarbut.art


For additional information, contact Dana Lugassi Public Relations, 054-882-7868 / dana@danapr.co.il




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