The 2023 Community & Culture Innovation Fund Open Call closed on Sunday, 27.11.22 at 3 pm. Over 200 applications were submitted and will be reviewed by the Jerusalem Foundation jury. Applicants will be notified re their application status during the first week of March 2023.

Thank you for your application and best of luck!


The Jerusalem Foundation



The Jerusalem Foundation operates the Jerusalem Foundation Innovation Fund to support projects that advance the vision of the Jerusalem Foundation 2030 master plan, fostering communal strength, enhancing creative culture, and cultivating future leadership.


The winning proposals will be awarded a monetary grant by the Jerusalem Foundation for carrying out the project during 2023.


The proposal must be submitted no later than 27.11.2022 at 3:00 pm through the online form of the Innovation Fund Open Call 2023. Please note that before submitting your application, it is highly recommended to read carefully the requirements and criteria of the Call for Proposals at this link: the Innovation Fund Open Call Regulations


Innovation Fund Open Call Regulations (Hebrew)

Innovation Fund Open Call Regulations (Arabic)


The proposal will be reviewed according to the following criteria among others:


  1. Innovation: Projects that show ingenuity and creativity in creating new cultural and communal engagement, contribute to flourishing civil life, enrich Jerusalem’s cultural and communal scene.
  2. Partnerships/Collaborations: Initiatives that create new partnerships and leverage organizational synergies to multiply impact, reach new and more diverse audiences and communities, and create better outcomes.
  3. Adaptation and Repurposing: Events and initiatives that advance a new kind of place-making and promote activity in the public sphere, creating new spaces for physical or virtual engagement. Adapting or repurposing existing public and private spaces for new uses, recognizing that virtual experience also advances Project accessibility for varied populations.
  4. Leadership and Equity: Projects that support diverse leadership representative of and encouraging greater participation and better outcomes for vulnerable and previously underrepresented groups in the city, including but not limited to: ethnic and religious minorities, women, LGBTQ+ communities and people with disabilities.
  5. Jerusalem Economic Impact: Projects that engage the professional and creative workforce in Jerusalem and nurture a cultural and communal scene which attracts and retains creative professionals in Jerusalem. Projects which source labor, materials, and services from Jerusalem and have a positive economic impact on the city.


Clarification questions may be submitted in writing only to email address: elsab@jfjlm.org  – no later than 09.11.2022 at 4:00 pm. Replies will be published on the Jerusalem Foundation’s Hebrew website and applicants must follow the Hebrew website for updates.


Good Luck!

The Jerusalem Foundation




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