Jerusalem: Where Tech Meets Design


Jerusalem is a highly diverse and highly divided city. But its creative, technological innovation sectors have the potential to bridge Jerusalem’s divides and create a unified and economically thriving city.


Start Up Nation Central and the Jerusalem Foundation have come together to create a series of short videos highlighting some of Jerusalem’s exciting start-ups in its ever-growing technology sector. The motivation for the video series – ‘Jerusalem: Where Tech Meets Design’ – was to encourage and galvanise cooperation and growth in the tech sector and to showcase some of the incredible success stories to have developed in Jerusalem in recent years.


Together with other partners – including the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, New Spirit, HUJI Innovate and the Azrieli College of Engineering – we created four videos. Each highlights a Jerusalem-based startup which has partnered with a local ‘venue’ or institution to create an innovative product or service.


ArtTech showcases the work of the Jerusalem Art Map at HaMiffal

RehabTech showcases the work of Brain Q at the ALYN Hospital 

BioTech showcases the work of Alpha Tau Medical at BIOHOUSE

and Industry Reimagined showcases the work of 40 Nuggets and AutoLeadStar at PICO


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