Talpiot Industrial Zone, 26 Ha'uman st.

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The Jerusalem Foundation established the Artists’ Studios in 1981 to provide affordable workspace and a sense of community to promising, young, local artists. The studios host more than a dozen artists at a time, both veteran Israelis and new immigrants, selected on the basis of the quality of their work and commitment to life at the center. The center helps these artists establish themselves within the competitive Israeli art scene and works to improve Jerusalem’s image as a vibrant artistic center. With the addition of Art Cube, a non-profit art gallery that opened inside the studios in 2010, the space has become a hub of creative activity, further enhancing the center’s considerable contribution to the Jerusalem art scene. Funded by the Adolf and Mary Mil Foundation, the Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Foundation and the Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation, Art Cube holds four exhibitions each year produced by artists who work in the studios as well as external artists and artists from outside of Israel. The Artists’ Studios also has an Artist in Residence program and offers lectures and workshops in its gallery. It also runs Manofim, the annual opening of Jerusalem’s exhibition season, which includes exhibitions at galleries throughout Jerusalem each October.

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