Rechavia, 15 Ben Labrat st.

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Today the Evelina de Rothschild School is a Girls Religious Public Elementary and High School, but the school has a history that spans 150 years, pre British, preState, Back in the mid 19th centuary it was the first school for girls to be opened in Jerusalem. Lional de Rothschild, a patron and supporter of the school, gave the school its name in memory of his daughter Evelina. The school once occupied a house called “Mahanim” on HaNeviim street, once home to Swiss banker Johannes Frutiger back in the 1860s. Today the school in Rechavia is still considered one of Jerusalem’s most prestigious girls school that draws girls from all over the city. The Jerusalem Foundation for its part, has supported various projects and programs at the elementary school, including the creation of a computer laboratory in 1986, and the Mordechai & Freida Eliash Library in 1989. In 1994 the foundation also supported the purchase of a piano and other musical instruments for the school’s music room.

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