Ramot, 6 Recanati st.

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The Beth Avraham Community Center serves residents of the Ramot neighborhood. The Jerusalem Foundation helped establish the center in 1980, and as the neighborhood has grown, has developed a sports, education and recreation complex around the center that includes the Sir Charles Clore Library, the Djanogly Swimming Pool and the Leon Fiszman Center. The Foundation has supported several renovation projects at the center itself, including construction of classrooms for ulpan (Hebrew language immersion programs) for new immigrants in 1991 and a youth club in 1998. It also has supported programs for children, seniors and new immigrants. The center features two works of art: a ceramic wall by Israeli ceramicist Lidia Zavadsky is located in the entrance, and, Adam’s Gate, a sculpture of two mahogany beams that appear to have been cut from one rectangular block, then separated, leaving a minute point of contact between them, was created by New York-based sculptor Michael Gitlin (b. 1943, S. Africa) and was placed outside the center in 1983.

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