Culture in Times of Covid

Navigating the Pandemic and Flourishing in Jerusalem

In response to the Coronavirus health and economic crisis, the Jerusalem Foundation has continued to provide support and a safety net for our most vulnerable residents from all population groups in the city.  As we begin to try and find a way to live with the Coronavirus, rapidly changing restrictions and rates of infection, have forced us to be innovative and creative as we look towards a different future than we had expected.


The Jerusalem Foundation has always supported the cultural and creative life of Jerusalem and we continue even in the midst of the global pandemic to believe that we need to keep our arts and culture community alive.  We have come to understand that COVID is likely to last longer than hoped and with recurring cycles.   In our new reality the arts, culture and cross communal activities, organizations, institutions have had to develop innovative new models to remain compliant with guidelines and to still flourish.


The Coronavirus has led to some creative partnerships and placemaking adaptations that will continue well after the threat of the virus recedes.


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cultural institutions/groups have received grants to get them back on their feet and adapt to the new routine
shekels have been distributed to support the recovery of arts, culture and civil society
shekels have been given to arts and culture groups through interest-free loans, in partnership with Ogen
civil society organizations have received grants to get them back on their feet and adapt to the new routine