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The Jerusalem Spring Festival was a festival of the arts established in 1974 to offer shows, dances, magic acts, musical performances and other events at the Jerusalem Theater, Liberty Bell Garden and as street performances in neighborhoods throughout the city. In 1982, the festival was supplanted by the Israel Festival, which was founded in 1961 by A. Z. Propes as a summer music festival in the ancient Roman theatre in Caesarea, and which later broadened its scope to include all the performing arts in venues throughout the country. The festival, which includes performances by international artists, premieres of Israeli works and tributes to leading Israeli artists, takes place annually for a few weeks in the spring. The festival also offers a large selection of free performances, including street theater, children’s shows and a nightly jazz club. The festival is a means to promote artistic encounters that cross political and national boundaries, to encourage collaborations between Israeli artists and their colleagues from abroad, and to introduce the public to emerging art forms.

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